My Home Gym

I do most of my workouts from my sometimes cold, but mostly blazing hot garage gym. I like the environment and the idea of the gym, but don’t like having to wait for equipment and since I’m doing mostly funcitonal barbell, kettlebell, and body-weight movements, it’s hard to justify a trip to the gym when I have everything I need at the home gym. Another reason I prefer the garage over the gym is my growing collection of kettlebells. Gyms, for good reason, seem to be reluctant to stock kettlebells. I can hardle blame them. I can just imagine a gym-goer walking right in front of a 24kg kettlebell front swing. The kettlebell would win and the gym would likely loose… the lawsuit. I suppose kettllebells are just too dangerous for the masses.

My rack. Equipped with rings.

Doesn’t take much equipment.



  1. Hey, I like your setup! I’m currently building a home gym in my basement, it’s a work in progress and space is an issue due to the low ceiling but it works for me! Check it out:

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