Posted by: cadavidson | August 11, 2013

Week ending 8/10/2013

Monday 8/5/2013

AM: Shaw Butte Summit Loop. 800 feet, 6.2 miles, 55 minutes.

PM: Double Shaw Butte up & down. 6.24 miles, 1400 feet. Felt pretty good on this Shaw Butte up & down. Went with Jason and Travis.

Tuesday 8/6

AM: Shaw Butte Loop. 800 feet, 5.8 miles with Jason.


4 x (Row 750M, 15 pushups)
3 x( back row x 15, trunk twist x 150\)
3 x (dip x 5, pullup x 5)

Wednesday 8/7

AM: Run the streets to Lookout Mountain. Summit Lookout, where I got the Strava CR. Not that I care a whole lot about Strava course records, but I went for the CR and got it. 900 feet elevation, 10 miles, 1:31.

PM: Road bike ride. 20 miles. Lookout Mountain loop. I felt very tired on this ride. Legs were dead.

Thursday 8/7

AM: Trail 100 out and back. 7:54 pace. 7 miles.

PM:  Hill reps. 4 x .5 mile up with .5 mile downhill recovery. Splits as follow:

Up splits, 3:06, 3:03, 2:58, 2:56. It was very hot, about 106 degrees. I was able to run these at a really good pace. Felt good and was able to go pretty hard. I plan to do more of these sessions in the next 2 weeks to prepare for the Jerome Hill Climb and Imogene Pass Run,

PM: 8th Avenue hill repeats. 10 x on the 2 minute. The repeat is about .15 miles and is a good steep section. This session is very specific towards the Jerome Hill Climb.

Friday 8/8

PM: Shaw Butte Loop with JH. 750 feet climbing, 5.1 miles with Jason. Legs felt very, very  sluggish.

Saturday 8/9

AM: Road bike through Nortera. 1:43. 32 miles. Felt much better on this ride than the ride earlier in the week.

PM: North Mountain and Shaw Butte. Ascended North Mountain, descended via the rougher and more technical southern trail, crossed the valley then up Shaw Butte via the southern route and down the main Shaw Butte trail on the north side. 1650 feet of vertical, 7.2 miles, 1:20.
Sunday 8/10

PM:  9/9 miles on trail 100. Felt pretty good considering the end of a pretty big week.



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