Posted by: cadavidson | August 6, 2013

Week ending 7/21/2013

Monday 7/29/2013

Off day. Thiswas my first off day in a couple months. I don’t think I really needed it, but took it anyhow.

Tuesday 7/30

PM: Trail 100 to CaveCreek onb – 7 miles

Wednesday 7/31

PM: 13.2 miles on trail 100 to Dreamy Draw Park and back. This was one of the worst runs I’ve experienced in a while. I departed home at about 4:00PM and it was a hot day – about 108. I reached the water fountain aka turnaround at Dreamy Draw Park in decent time, but really suffered and slogged home. Jason happened to be heading out for a run around 5:30 and I bumped into him about 1.5 miles from home. He ran me in. I ended up losing about 8 pounds on this run. I think I need to go back to consuming more calories on my hot weather runs. I’ve been trying to go more minimal on these runs, but I think this was to blame on this run.

Thursday 8/1

AM: Shaw Butte Summit Loop. 900 feet of climbing in the first 2 miles, then down the backside and along trail 100 between Shaw Butte and North Mountain. Total run is 6.2 miles.

PM: 8th Avenue hill repeats. 10 x on the 2 minute. The repeat is about .15 miles and is a good steep section. This session is very specific towards the Jerome Hill Climb.

Friday 8/2

AM: Moon Valley 5 mile street loop.

PM: Gym session. 2000 meter row with 12 pushups and 25 walking weighted lunges every 500M. Also did some weights: clean & jerk, pull-ups, and toes to bar.

PM: Bike 18 mile Lookout Mountain road bike loop.

Saturday 8/3

PM: Shaw Butte Summit Loop and Trail 60 loop. 800 feet of climbing in the first few miles. Total 7.5 miles.

Saturday 7/20

AM: Shaw Butte Summit Loop 7.5 miles in 67 minutes

Sunday 8/4


In summary a very light week. Not intentionally, but it just turned out that way. 41 running miles and 20 on the bike with very little gym time and 7.5 hours in training total.


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