Posted by: cadavidson | July 30, 2013

Week ending 7/28/2013

Monday 7/22/2013

Took the day off from running. First day away from running in a couple of weeks. Hit the rower at the gym and integrated some push-ups in between each 500M of rowing. Makes for a nice blend up push and pull.

Tuesday 7/23

AM: Trail 100 around Stone Mountain and back. Nice 9 mile route in 1:16. Not much climbing though at only 450 feet – rolling though the entire time.

PM: North Mountain and Shaw Butte in Phoenix Mountain Preserve. Tackled the 600 vertical foot ascent of North Mountain first, took Trail 100 back to Shaw Butte and ascended the 800 vertical feet of Shaw Butte from the north side. Did this run with Jason. 1500 feet of climbing total in 1:21.

Wednesday 7/24

AM: Lookout Mountain Rood Loop. 8 miles.

PM: Road bike ride through Nortera and back with Dan. 35 miles.

Thursday 7/25

AM: Some strength work at the gym. Row 3000M then mixed in some squats, cleans, and bodyweight dips.

PM: Shaw Butte Summit loop with Trail 60 loop. 780 feet of climbing over the 7.5 mile loop in 1:07.

Friday 7/26

PM: One of the worst feeling runs in a long time. Bagged it and turned around after 3.5 miles to get in a total of 7 rough miles on the trail.

Saturday 7/27

PM: Drove up to Flag this morning. Started at 7:00AM and tagged the summit in 1:25 for the over 4000 vertical ascent. In going for my second summit, lightening above treeline turned me around. I did still reach the saddle. The day ended up being 5 hours on my feet, 18 miles, and 5800 feet of climbing. While the trip to Flag took me only 2 hours, the return trip took me almost 5! I got sick (again). Spent a few minutes at various exits just south of Flagstaff puking. Finally made it nearly half way home to Camp Verde and decided to try to sleep it off in the car. After an hour or so of being knocked out – I felt better and was ok to drive. Scary to know that this is how I am going to feel after Imogene in September…

Sunday 7/28

AM: Strength stuff at the gym mixed in with rowing.

PM: Shaw Butte Summit Loop & Trail 60 loop. 880 feet of climbing, 7.5 miles, 1:12.

Started getting rainy and muddy on the second summit attempt.

Started getting rainy and muddy on the second summit attempt.


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