Posted by: cadavidson | July 22, 2013

Week ending 7/21/2013

Monday 7/15/2013

Road run to Lookout Mtn trail system. Made a loose attempt at the CR to the Lookout Mtn Summit, which is only about a half mile scramble. Made a small wrong turn that cost me a few seconds, which cost me the CR. This CR should be attainable (not that I’m really all that concerned with Strava CRs anyhow though). 10 miles total.

Tuesday 7/16

AM: Shaw Butte Summit Loop 7.5 miles in 67 minutes

PM: Row and pushups at the gym

PM: Easy Shaw Butte in some nice cloudy, yet very humid conditions. Rare for Phoenix to have high humidity, so in my opinion, it’s nice.


Wednesday 7/17

Trail 100 to Cavecreek & back. Legs felt particularly dead today. Nothing special, just miles today.


Thursday 7/18

Road bike to to Carefree Highway via Nortera. Good to give the running legs a little break, which not sacrificing a full day off.


Friday 7/19

JH was headed to Flagstaff to get in a double summit of Mt. Elden. I was reluctant, but joined. Had a blast. Got the Strava CR and managed 4600 feet of vertical. We left Phoenix at 11:30 and were back by 7:00. 10.8 miles – 3:07:00.


Saturday 7/20

AM: Shaw Butte Summit Loop 7.5 miles in 67 minutes


Sunday 7/21

AM: Road ride to Carefree Highway via Pima – 53 miles

PM: Shaw Butte Summit Loop – 6.6 miles.




  1. That’s some insane mileage, good going

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