Posted by: cadavidson | April 23, 2013

Ready for Zane Grey?

The Zane Grey 50 miler is this weekend – April 27th. I’ve been looking forward to this race since my wife and I went to spectate last year, as I was nursing a bum-foot. I’m hoping to take about 90 minutes off of my 2011 time. Some fast people this year, hopefully lots of people around my goal pace. Some fast folks from SoCal including Chris Price and Domenic Grossman. Some of the normal fast AZ folks as well like Jamil Coury from AravaipaRunning, Bret Sanrquist, Ian Torrence, and last year’s winner Catlow Shipek. I’m striving to finish in this excellent company with a top 10. My pacer, the venerable Jason Harrell, assures me we will be in good company at the finish!

To date for 2013:


638 Miles

64,199 feet of elevation gain

95:23 running time


1414.69 miles

27,825 feet of elevation gain

79:32 cycling time

Zane Grey Gear (because I love writing about gear)

Shoes: Hoka One One Stinson Evo

Socks: Smart Wool – Phd Run

Shorts: undecided on either traditional running shorts or compression, Shirt: typical short sleeved running top. Hat at all times (it’s going to be hot), sunglasses.

Illumination: I will use my Petzl headlamp for the first couple miles. In 2011, I think I only had it turned on for maybe 30 minutes. This year’s even starts two weeks later, so I expect to only need it for 15 minutes or so. There are enough rocks in the first couple miles to not take the risk of an early fall.

Hydration: After much debate, I’ve decided to go with a Nathan HPL #020 2 liter race vest. I will also likely carry one hand bottle with Accelerade.

Here’s my nutrition plan!

Aid Stations Mile Accelerade Clif Blocks Hammer Gel Clif bar Salt Sticks Total Calories: Total Carbs: Total Protein:
Pine Trailhead 0 1 1 1 1 650 133 16
Camp Geronimo 8 1 1 1 0 400 90 6
Washington Park 17 1 1 1 0 4 400 90 6
Hell’s Gate 25 1 1 1 0 6 400 90 6
Fish Hatchery 33 1 1 1 1 6 650 133 16
See Canyon 44 1 1 1 0 4 400 90 6
Finish 260 Trailhead 50
2900 626 56

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